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 Tuesday, 05 October 2010

Broadband has taken a significant step forward as the number of subscriber lines passed the 500 million mark in July. The milestone was unveiled by the Broadband Forum during its global Broadband and IPTV Industry Update at its quarterly meeting in Hong Kong. Reached in the third week in July by Point Topic, the milestone will be marked with a celebration by The Broadband Forum later this week. The new figures show that global broadband subscribers reached 498 million lines (497,768,162) by the end of June, representing a 2.63 percent growth in the quarter and 11.99 percent in the last 12 months to end of Q2.

In a typically slow quarter within many markets, particularly in the Americas, reflecting the end of a number of central subsidies and stimulus packages, there were still significant signs of some countries continuing their return to economic health. China, the powerhouse of global broadband in the 21st century so far, was responsible for 43 percent of all net broadband lines added in Q2 and performed far better than the same quarter in 2009 (China includes Mainland China, Hong Kong & Macau). In Western Europe, many markets did better than the equivalent 2009 quarter. Germany, the UK, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland and Turkey, amongst others, all reported strong numbers. Central and South American markets have cooled to an extent, but many are still reporting good quarterly growth (of 5-7 percent). However, the US and in particular Canada, broadband growth has significantly slowed, affected by the end of housing stimulus packages. In Canada's case, the market slowed to levels not seen for a decade.

Except for North America, all regions performed better in Q2 than the same period in 2009. Continuing the trend from previous quarterly figures, Asia increased its share of the overall broadband market by a further 1.2 percent in the year and by 0.41 percent in the last quarter alone. The region now accounts for almost 41 percent of the total, with Europe in second place with 30 percent and the Americas showing 26 percent. China is the biggest individual contributor to the Asian growth, adding 5.47 million lines to bring its total to 120.59 million or over 24 percent of the 500 million lines.

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Source: TelecomPaper