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 Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Austrian mobile network operators A1 Telekom Austria, T-Mobile Austria, Orange Austria and Hutchison 3G Austria have signed a voluntary code of practice to provide customers with improved measures for controlling mobile internet data usage. The core of this code will see the operators allow customers to view what data they have consumed through a web interface.

They have also pledged to inform customers via text when they have reached 70-80 percent of their inclusive data allowance, plus another text when they have used all of this allowance. As an alternative, operators have also agreed to send warning texts to customers when they reach a specific value for mobile data usage. Following the signing of this voluntary code, 3 Austria announced the introduction of an automatic SMS warning service. Available with immediate effect for all customers without a data flat-rate included in their tariff, the service will send a warning text message when their data consumption reaches EUR 60.

Source: Telecom Paper