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TDAG Working Group on Human Resources Development (WGHRD)  

The Working Group on Human Resources Development (WGHRD) was established through Resolution 40 of the WTDC-06 (Doha, 2006) to establish a competent Working Group on Human Resources Development (WGHRD).

The mission

To enhance the human resources activities of BDT staff through the provision of advice and support from Human Resources Experts in the member countries.

The Terms of Reference of this Working Group are:

  1. To review and assess the current activities of the BDT in the field of HR Development.
  2. To assist the BDT/HCB Unit in designing an integrated framework for HRD activities to be implemented during the period 2007-2010.
  3. To contribute to the development of a global portfolio of training programmes that addresses the need of the different regions and Member States.
  4. To organize activities when needed at international, regional and national levels. These activities may take the form of symposia, working groups or workshops, or direct assistance (sharing of experience) and facilitation of HRD project implementation in specific areas.
  5. To assist BDT/HCB in continuing to post training materials, case studies, guidelines and models, where appropriate, on the web-site ( for use by the ITU membership.
  6. To assist in organizing a five-day symposium for all ITU-D members as well as the annual/bi-annual regional HR Managers meetings.
  7. To issue an annual report to TDAG including proposed recommendations on future actions that may need to be taken and identifying the current and future needs to be addressed by various Human Resources Development projects, including the GTU/GTTI, other projects and similar initiatives, as well as current and future Centers of Excellence.

HR studies and analysis made in 2008


 The Africa Benchmarking Study for telecommunication organizations in English-speaking countries in Africa


The International Telecommunication Union (ITU), in its continued support of developing capacity building in the African Continent, sponsored the Human Resources Benchmarking study for telecommunications organizations in English-speaking Countries in Africa.
The study was supervised by the ITU regional human resources officer based in Harare and supported by the ITU human resources office in Geneva. The coordinator of the study was Edward Mallango, a former Director of the African Advanced Level Telecommunications Institute (AFRALTI) and ex-Director of Employee and Organizational Services in Tanzania Telecommunication Company Limited.
It is worthy to note that the questionnaires were completed by high-level staff, 85.7 per cent of
whom were heads of human resources (HR) in their organizations.


Survey of HRD/HRM Current and Future Needs and Priorities in a Converged, Competitive Telecommunication/ ICT Environment.

Objective of the survey

- To define HRD/HRM current and future needs and priorities in a converged, competitive telecommunication/ICT environment.
- To assess the readiness of the HR function to meet the current and future resources challenges of the information society.
- To develop recommendations on how the Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT) of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), and in particular the Human Capacity Building Division (HCB), can assist countries to bridge any readiness gaps existing within their HR function.




Questionnaire on current and Future HRD/HRM needs and priorities in a converged, competitive telecommunication/ICT environment


The ITU have been conducted a survey on the status of the HR function, as well as the current and future needs and priorities of policy-makers, regulators and sector members around the globe.


** Due to several requests from members, the deadline for submission has been extended to 16th October 2008.

Prof. Ahmed El Sherbini

Chairman, WGHRD

Cairo, Egypt

Tel:  +202 35342424

Fax: +202 35342427

Mike Nxele

Geneva, Switzerland

Tel: +41 22 730 59 83

Fax: +41 22 730 55 27



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