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 Results Survey on Tariff Policies, Tariff Models and Calculation Methods

on national telecommunication service networks

from years 2007 to 2009


These results from the Tariff Policies Survey of the Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT) of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) are part of the Annex of the Final Report for Question 12-2/1 of the ITU-D Study Group 1 on "Tariff policies, tariff models and methods of determining the costs of services on national telecommunication networks, including next-generation networks".


The objective of this Tariff Policies survey is to follow the trends of development in the application of tariff policies, tariff models, and calculation methods of national telecommunication service rates in different countries, and at bringing the database up-to-date which is published in the ITU “ICT Eye” at the following website:


Explanations about the Tariff Policies Survey


During the meeting of the Rapporteur's Group on Question 12/1 held in Geneva in 2000, the need for information on tariff models and methods in determining the costs of national telecommunication services was emphasized. Within this framework, a Questionnaire was developed and has been dispatched on an annual basis since then by BDT. The questionnaire is addressed to Administrations of Member States of the ITU and Members of the Telecommunication Development Sector. The distribution of responses received from regulatory authorities, policy makers and operators by year, from  2006 to 2008 is described below. These results have provided key insights into the development and extent of cost and tariff policies in many countries.



Year 2007 2008 2009*
Total Answers: 98 57 63
- Administrations 59 40 63
- Operators 39 17 na

*From year 2009 the Tariff Policies Questionnaire has been modified and addressed only to regulatory authorities.


The results presented in this website were compiled by region and by respondent (Administrations and Operators) and by income level, as requested by the Rapporteur’s Group of Question 12-2/1. These categories are described below:


a)      By region - according to the BDT classification of regions. However the ICT eye also allows extraction by UN country classification:  


b)      By Income levels – economies are grouped as follows, based on the Gross National Income (GNI) per capita classifications used by the World Bank (further details on these categories can be found in the BDT Market Information and Statistics (STAT) website:



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