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 Monday, 25 June 2007

GENEVA, Jun 20, 2007 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- ICO Global Communications (Holdings) Limited (ICO) (NASDAQ:ICOG) today announced that ICO, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), a specialized agency of the United Nations, and the Commonwealth Business Council (CBC), an organization which serves to foster cooperation between business and governments, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The MOU's objectives are to establish collaborative linkages between the Parties in the area of Emergency Telecommunication Systems and Global Information Systems, and more particularly, for ICO to provide state and non-state organizations free access to ICO's F2 orbiting MEO satellite for non-commercial purposes.

ITU Secretary General Hamadoun Toure commented, "The partnership that we have established with ICO Global Communications and the Commonwealth Business Council is an important milestone towards ITU's effort to save human life. Satellite communication provides a platform to deliver a wide range of services and applications even to remote areas. In the digital age, we are able to provide an ICT lifeline to disaster victims and humanitarian personnel entrusted with coordinating rescue and relief operations, especially when terrestrial communications infrastructure is disrupted, overloaded or destroyed. We thank ICO for being a reliable partner from the satellite industry and for contributing innovative technologies."

"ICO strongly supports the goals of the ITU and the CBC, and we are pleased to be able to contribute ICO's satellite services to these efforts," added J. Timothy Bryan, ICO's CEO. "ICO's development and implementation of S band technology globally, including our announced vendor initiatives for ICO North America and the ICO P MEO system, will serve our interests well as we continue to work with key suppliers to create advanced user terminals to access F2 for humanitarian and emergency uses."

"CBC is pleased to work with the ITU and ICO to contribute towards development and disaster preparedness. What is required for the future is increased economic empowerment of wider segments of society, to lift people out of poverty and give them new opportunity. This can be achieved by bringing technology and innovation to the service of many. We need to pursue the 'democratisation of knowledge', by making technology more widely and freely accessible. By means of tele-education and entrepreneurial development programmes CBC will equip and prepare global citizens for economic empowerment and disaster management," said Dr Mohan Kaul, Director General, Commonwealth Business Council.

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