MANUEL ALBEIJÓN GARCÍA , Vocal Advisor of Operators , Ministry of Telecommunications, Spain

Telecommunications Engineer, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (1980). He began his career in the R & D department of an important worldwide company, developing radio communications equipment.
Later on, he joined the Telecommunications Bureau of the Spanish State Administration where he is working to this date.  Over these last 20 years he has being involved in the design and application of several plans and programs in order to extend telecommunication networks and services and he also has being involved in the elaboration of Spanish telecommunications regulatory framework, especially regarding the main operator’s obligations like universal service, quality of service, user’s rights and routing calls to the emergency call service 112, as well as its monitoring and control.

Nowadays he is Vocal Advisor (Assistant Deputy General Director) of networks and telecommunication operators and he is responsible for the national broadband extending programmes, the “universal service obligations” and other operator’s obligations and commitments regarding the deployment of telecom infrastructures.