JEFFREY VILLAVECES, Chief of Information Management Unit, OCHA

Jeffrey Villaveces is the Head of the Information Management Unit in OCHA Colombia, where he manages information on humanitarian emergencies related to complex emergencies and natural disasters.  OCHA Colombia has the role of serving the humanitarian community in the country by producing maps, information systems, situation reports, bulletins and other products to improve decision-making by humanitarian community, enhance coordination and identify gaps for assistance.  The Information Management Unit (IMU) has had a focus on the construction of crisis mapping systems that capture information from a variety of media sources, allowing users to consult the information on-line.

Among other tools, OCHA Colombia has focused on the use of Ushahidi, OpenStreetMaps, social media, Geonode, and databases to provide integrated solutions for the humanitarian community.  Jeffrey has also worked in information management in Haiti, Central African Republic, Mexico, Iraq and most recently this year in Yemen.  Last year he also supervised Libya Crisis Map, an initiative that received international recognition during the critical first months of the conflict in Libya.  Jeffrey has a Master of Science in Foreign Service from Georgetown University.