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News & Press Releases
30.09.2001 OECS countries to remove e-commerce from legislative back burner. more...
28.09.2001 OECS holds e-commerce seminar in Castries, St. Lucia. more...
10.08.2001 Package products and Services in Developing Countries started 10 August 2001. more...
27.06.2001 Infrastructure and e-Services Commissioned and Fully Operational. Deployment of Bronze Services. more...
May/June 2001 The race to have access to the web is gaining momentum, but where do we stand on matters of security over web transactions & e-commerce? IT corner, Industry focus, EPZDA issue no. 56..more...
April 2001 EC-DC: The Acronym For The World's Biggest E-Business Project. (International Security Review, Issue 121, March/April 2001) more...
21.02.2001 "E-Business soll helfen, weltweit Kunden zu gewinnen und Zwischenhändler auszuschließen. Sie bekommen dann die Preise, die in der Ersten Welt für Kunsthandwerk oder andere Produkte gezahlt werden." (Süddeutsche Zeitung) more...
19.02.2001 Vordel releases latest version of secure communications solution TalkXML. This latest version of TalkXML is much enhanced on earlier versions and now is interoperable with all the world's leading Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solutions more...
4.01.2001 WISeKey today launched its WISeKey Global Partner Program to be known as the WisePartner Program. Now that WISeKey is in full deployment mode, it has established its partner program to enable accreditation of complying technologies and services. more
1.12.2000 WISeWorld2000 closes in Geneva with outstanding success. More that 500 participants from 128 countries and internet security experts meet in Geneva during 3 days to launch the World Internet Secure Infrastructure. more
27.11.2000 Geneva World Capital for Internet Security and E-Commerce:
By Organizing and Hosting WISeWorld2000 Geneva confirms its position as the world capital for Internet Security and Secure E-commerce. WISeWorld2000 will be inaugurated next Monday by H.E. Mr. Guy Olivier Segond - President of the State Council of the Canton of Geneva - and Mr. Hamadoun Touré, Director of the ITU Telecommunication Development Bureau International Telecommunication Union. more
27.11.2000 Vordel's TalkXML to be included as value-added B2B offering to the WISekey Public Key Infrastructure service. more
French Press Articles
30.11.2000 «L’avènement du e-commerce mondial se heurte à l’obstacle de la législation» Le manque d’harmonisation légale entre pays freine l’expansion du commerce électronique. AGEFI more
29.11.2000 «Nous créons un standard pour combler le fossé digital et donner à tous l’accès aux richesses technologiques» Lancée en 1998, l’initiative EC-DC de l’organisation vise à garantir à tous les pays l’accès aux nouvelles technologies de l’information. AGEFI more

«L’ONU de la nouvelle économie» teste le modèle de la sécurité on line - Sous l’égide de Wisekey et de l’UIT, un standard mondial devrait bientôt voir le jour. LUNDI 27 NOVEMBRE 2000 L’AGEFI more

27.11.2000 En accueillant plus de 400 participants à l’événement Wiseworld2000 Genève devient la capitale mondiale du commerce et de la sécurité en ligne LUNDI 27 NOVEMBRE 2000 L’AGEFI more
27.11.2000 INTERNET La start-up propulse Genève au rang de capitale mondiale de la sécurité lectronique. FABIO LO VERSO, Tribune de Geneve 27 Nov more
  Más de 158 países tendrán infraestructuras de comercio electrónico gracias al proyecto Comercio Electrónico de la UIT y WISekey. Gracias al exito de WISeWorld2000, los 158 países que participan en el proyecto WISeKey-EC-DC podrán beneficiarse de transacciones electrónicas seguras, fiables, con servicios óptimos y en condiciones económicamente viables, pues los recursos existentes seran compartidos entre mimebros.
27.11.2000 über 400 Experten nehmen an der WiseWorld 2000 in Genf teil
2000-11-27 13:37:44
GENF - Über 400 Experten aus aller Welt haben in Genf ihre Beratungen zur Frage aufgenommen, wie das Vertrauen in die Sicherheit elektronischer Daten im Internet verstärkt werden könnte. Die Konferenz findet unter dem Namen WiseWorld 2000 stat more
27.11.2000 Sicherung elektronischer Daten im Internet more
28.11.2000 Specialisti a Ginevra per parlare di sicurezza dei dati su Internet Più di 400 esperti di sicurezza elettronica sono riuniti da ieri a Ginevra per discutere sui mezzi tecnici atti a rafforzare la fiducia in Internet. La conferenza, che durerà fino a domani, mercoledì, è stata convocata dall'Unione internazionale delle telecomunicazioni (UIT) e dalla società WiseKey --->
27.11.2000 A year after the ITU-WISeKey-WTC Geneva partnership agreement, was signed, deployment of e-business infrastructure has started in more than 100 countries,...more
16.11.2000 ITU-WISekey PKI Representatives, Registration Authorities operators, manufacturers, suppliers and regulators from 158 countries of the world gather in order to drive continued evolution and growth of the world's fastest growing Public Key Infrastructure. more
13.10.2000 The Global WISekey-ITU PKI Deployment Gaining Enormous Momentum with 51 new organizations - taking the total to 214 member organizations from 110 countries. more
12.09.2000 WISekey and Hewlett-Packard to Provide Comprehensive PKI Security Offering to Financial Services Industry. They announced today that HP will be using the WISekey ROOT PKI to secure HP’s Capital markets and treasury systems. more..
15.08.2000 WISeKey and are cooperating to make their PKIs interoperable in order to allow WISeKey to provide certification services for more...
31.07.2000 ITU bets on co-operative venture to bridge the developing countries' "digital divide"... The one organisation able to provide solid backing on the technical level is the ITU which has established an e-business infrastructure program in more than 80 countries - World Trade Agenda issue 00/15 (pdf file)
31.07.2000 TIME Magazine: EC-DC does it. more..
26.07.2000 The WISeKey / Celo solution will allow ITU-WISeKey partnership accelerate the development of the global network to provide secure connectivity for Registration Authorities (RAs) in relation with the ITU/EC-DC project. more..
25.07.2000 ITU spearheads e-commerce in 80 countries. INDIA Today 25 July 2000
14.07.2000 E-business infrastructure being deployed in more than 80 countries under ITU’s Electronic Commerce for Developing Countries (EC-DC) project. more..
13.07.2000 WISeKey SA receives investment from Baltimore Technologies which will strengthen its operations in executing the terms of the Partnership Agreement for ITU Electronic Commerce for Developing Countries (EC-DC). more..
12.07.2000 ValiCert Teams with WISeKey to Include Validation Authority Suite For Its Unique Global High-Security PKI Service. more..
12.07.2000 potencia el uso de Internet. more...
27.03.2000 MCI WORLDCOM to offer its global network to provide secure connectivity for Registration Authorities (RAs) to be created in connection with the ITU Electronic Commerce for Developing Countries (EC-DC) Partnership Project in developing and least developed countries. more..
29.02.2000 Rainbow joins WISeKey and Baltimore Technologies in the deployment of the International Telecommunication Union's (ITU) initiative, the EC-DC project. more..
3.02.2000 WISeKey to deploy Registration Authorities in 100 countries to provide Certification for the ITU Electronic Commerce for Developing Countries (EC-DC) Project. more..

Oct. 1999 ITU/IHT Sponsored Sections Tracking Telecoms 99 E-Commerce. more..
22.10.1999 Developing Countries to be provided with full range of Electronic Commerce services as a result of the ITU, the World Trade Centre Geneva and WISeKey Partnership. more..
18.10.1999 Internationally Accepted Platform for E-Commerce Opens New Markets to High-Security Internet Trading. more..
29.09.1999 ITU teams up to push e-biz in the developing world. more..
20.09.1999 World Trade E-commerce Plan Gaining Momentum. more..
17.09.1999 ITU to team up with World Trade Center and World Internet Secure Key to expand e-commerce in developing countries. more..
17.09.1999 Oracle partners with WISeKey to drive major global E-commerce initiative. more..
16.08.1999 Global E-trade Plan Threatens Service Providers
By David Molony at CommunicationsWeek International. more..
17.05.1999 World Telecommunication Day. more..

27.03.1998 ITU Launches E-commerce Pilot Project at the ITU World Telecommunication Development Conference (pdf file)

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