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Electronic Commerce for Developing Countries

Deployment Of Registration Authorities (RAs) 

Affiliate Registration Organisation (ARO) - Bronze Service Provider

Full version: White Paper on the Deployment of Affiliate Registration Organisations (Bronze Service Provider) features:

Affiliate Registration Authority (ARA)

Affiliate Certification Authorities (Platinum or Gold Levels)

Comparative Analysis - The pilot phase and the final deployment Bronze Service Provider (BSP) Package Components


EC-DC National Project Requirements and Procedure

National Projects

National Events

Legal Texts and Frameworks

Highlights and Events

Certification Authority Commissioned and Fully Operational

Following testing of the system under pilot conditions for several months, the core of the final infrastructure, being the E-commercePKI Certification Authority, has now been commissioned and is fully operational. In addition, the legal and policy requirements necessary for the proper conduct of the Certification Authority have been finalized. With this Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) in place and operational, certified users from both developing and industrialized countries will be able to communicate securely, conduct business transactions in a secure and trusted manner and run other e-services such as e-government, e-health and e-learning...English, French, Spanish


More than 500 participants from 128 countries and internet security experts met in Geneva for 3 days to launch the World Internet Secure Infrastructure. Organised by the ITU and WISeKey, WISeWorld 2000 was the second event resulting from the ITU-WTC Geneva-WiseKey Partnership Agreement for EC-DC. more...

Presentations made at WISeWorld2000


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