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Sami Al-Basheer Al-Morshid, BDT Director 2006-2010

Opening , E-waste Management Forum


Your Excellency, Dr.Tarek Kamel; Minister of communications and information Technology in Egypt.

Your Excellency ;Dr. Nadia Makram Ebeid, Executive Director of the Center for Environment and Development for the Arab Region and Europe (CEDARE)

Ladies and Gentlemen
Heads and Members of Participating Delegations’

I would like to send my message to you after being unabled to participate in this important gathering and to meet with you in Cairo. But, first of all, allow me to express to Dr. Nadia Makram Ebeid, Executive Director of the Center for Environment and Development for the Arab Region and Europe (CEDARE) and her esteemed administration, my sincere congratulation for holding this forum and discussing this important issue related to the management of e-waste among this huge number of participants from VIP and experts from Arab region and worldwide. I, as the BDT Director in ITU, would like to summarize my views in the following:

1- The theme of e-waste management is one of the common topics in all the developing countries worldwide, and became an imperative problem which is imposing itself on the development agendas after the enormous increase and the big jump and the extension of the use of ICT in our life. I would like that the Arab region be the pioneer and initiative in highlighting and alarming on the dangerous of this issue, hoping that the ITU can in the future re-discuss this issue in other regions of the developing world like Africa, Latin America, Asia and Pacific and Eastern Europe.

2- We in ITU, are aware of the aspects of this multi-lateral entangled case, including the issue of transfer of e-waste from the advanced countries to the developing and least developed countries by several means without applying any regulations or legislations which could damage the environment and jeopardize the health of the population in the countries who receives these e-waste, unless it is handled by healthy and scientific ways which is very difficult to provide in these countries in most cases.
3- The ITU has many responsibilities and obligations regarding his members and also the companies who are ITU sector members to assist them to encounter the increasing problems and to find the practical and necessary solutions within its capacity and material and human resources. We are keen to increase the efforts and to continue to discuss this issue through the Study Groups in both BDT and TSB. I am also studying the possibility to include it on the agenda of the next World Telecom Development Conference (WTDC-010) and also in the Regional Preparatory Meetings, which will precedes, during 2009 and 2010.
4- We, from our responsibilities and keen on the interest of our members from the developing countries, are looking forward to the support of the manufacturing companies which should assume its responsibilities and obligations in setting the appropriate solutions and mechanisms to recycle its products from the equipments after selling it in the markets of the developing countries and that the life cycle of these equipments doesn’t end after the selling, but to set an anticipated plans to safety riddance of these e-waste by the manufacturing companies and consumers. I will exert all my efforts to include this topic on the agenda of the next Global Industry Leaders Forum (GILF), in order to discuss this issue properly to reach suitable and practical recommendations.

5- I, as the BDT Director in ITU, invite all the telecom and ICT regulators in the developing countries to give the issue of e-waste management the importance that it should deserve and to study the possibility in setting the necessary laws and regulations to regulate the relationship between the equipments providers and the national consumer, to realize the legal obligation of the providers and secure the safety riddance of these equipments after the end of its life cycle and expiry date. I will direct my colleagues in Policies and Strategies Unit in BDT to study this issue in the next Global Symposium for Regulators (GSR) which will take place during 2009. With the full readiness of our BDT Sector to hold an extended meeting later for the regulators and manufacturers to discuss all the aspects related with this issue and to propose the appropriate solutions.
6- I would like to emphasis on our complete willingness and readiness to cooperate and to sign partnerships agreements with the other UN Specialized Agencies like UNIDO, UNEP, WB, UNESCO, etc. as well as the public/private sectors and all the related scientific organizations for the assistance and support of the capacities of the developing countries to encounter the problems of e-waste management and to face the health and environment impact emanating from these problems.
7- We, with all our respect, support the great efforts and steps exerted by CEDARE and its prudent management since two years cooperating with us and with the Arab Regional Working Party of the Private Sector (ARWP), dependent from the BDT, in order to include the e-waste management in the interest cycle and to highlight it from all the aspects at the Arab and International levels.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We will exert our maximum efforts to adopt and support the recommendations reached in this forum; such as mechanisms, work plan and practical initiatives which realizes the profit and welfare to the telecom development sector in the Arab region.

Dear Participants,

At the end of my speech, please allow me to reiterate my deep thanks and appreciation to the efforts carried out by CEDARE as one of the reputable ITU-D Sector member; such as the works, activities and partnerships in the region and we fully support them in applying the partnership mechanism in practical methods, away from the promises, dreams and expectations. I would like also to thank Mr. Mohamed Shabib, Head of the Arab Regional Working Party of the Private Sector (ARWP), for his excellent efforts regardless his several responsibilities. I would like to emphasis on the invitation to my colleagues members of the Arab Regional Working Party of the Private Sector to participate in their meeting, at the margin of the e-waste forum, scheduled to take place at 08:00 on Tuesday 10 Feb. 2009.

I would like to apologize once more for not being able to participate in this forum and I directed Dr. Miloud Ameziane, Head of ITU Arab Regional Office and Mr. Fernando Lagraña, Head of Partnership, Promotion and Membership Division in BDT, to represent ITU/BDT on my behalf, putting all the capacities of BDT under your disposal for the service of this issue and wishing you a very successful forum, nice stay in Cairo and safe return to your home countries.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Cairo, Egypt 2/9/2009



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