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Brahima Sanou, BDT Director

Speech, OAS-CITEL : Permanent Consultative Committee I (PCC I) on Telecommunications/Information and Communication Technologies


Hector Carril, Alternate Chairman of PCC I
Executive Secretary of CITEL, Mr. Clovis Baptista
Honourable Ministers here present
Distinguished delegates, Ladies and gentlemen,
I feel privileged to address the 19th Meeting of the CITEL Permanent Consultative Committee I dealing with Telecommunications/Information and Communication Technologies, and I would like to seize this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to CITEL for inviting me and to the Government of Argentina for the warm welcome and hospitality extended to my delegation.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Our main challenge at the moment is to provide equitable and affordable access to broadband services to all people regardless of their location, the time and other specific circumstances. It is against this background that I consider the Regional Initiatives as the main deliverables of the Telecommunication Development Bureau.

Yesterday, we had the chance to spend the day discussing emergency communications with all the stakeholders involved in the framework of a workshop co-organized by ITU and CITEL. It is my hope that PCC-I, particularly the Meeting of Organizations and Agencies to promote ICT, will consider the issue further toward concrete project implementation.

In addition to Emergency Telecommunications, we need to tackle together, in the framework of the Regional Initiatives, challenges related to Digital Broadcasting, broadband access and uptake in urban and rural areas, reduction of Internet access costs, and Human capacity building on ICT, with emphasis on persons with disability and people living in rural and deprived urban areas.
Id like to reiterate that that we are ready to mobilize together with CITEL resources and partnerships for the implementation of the Regional Initiatives.
The Connect Americas Summit, that Panama offered to host tentatively from 17 to 19 July 2012, will focus on resources and partnership mobilization. We expect to gather in Panama Heads of State and leaders of the public and private sectors to mobilize the human, financial and technical resources required to close ICT gaps in the region. It is very clear in my mind that CITEL is the core partner of ITU in the organization of this Summit.

I take this opportunity not only to invite all of you to attend, but also to contribute to the preparatory process, which will include the identification of relevant projects, as well as the involvement and commitment of partners.

Distinguished delegates
Our development plans are based on reliable data. In this regard it is my pleasure to inform you that the Report on Measuring the Information Society will be released on 15 September 2011 simultaneously in Geneva, New York and, for the first time, in the Regional Offices. Let me seize this opportunity to thank you all and kindly request your continued help and support in order to have updated and accurate data.

As former ITU Regional Director for Africa, I have learned and experienced that cooperation reached at regional level clearly facilitates progress in telecommunication development at country and regional levels. The Development Sector of the ITU, as well as the ITU in general, benefit from efforts deployed by Regional organizations to develop common positions on main ICT issues.

I have given instructions to the newly appointed Regional Director for the Americas, Mr. Hector Huerta Reyna, to work in very close cooperation with CITEL in order to achieve our common aims and objectives in the Americas Region. Let me take this opportunity to mention that all the vacant posts in the Americas Region have been filled-in without interruption of service. Mr. Miguel Alcaine was appointed in Honduras office in March 2011, the Regional Director took over from Paolo Rosa who has been acting since March 2011 and Mr. Cleveland Thomas just took over from Philip Cross who reached retirement age. We are now exploring ways and means to strengthen the field offices, including secondment of experts, Junior Professional Officers and UN Volunteers.

I would like to commend Mr. Clovis Baptista and his team for the good cooperation with ITU in areas such as capacity building emergency telecommunication and others and express my strong commitment to strengthen such cooperation.

Ladies and gentlemen,
Telecommunication development demands the involvement of each and every stakeholder at every stage. To do so, we need to have a common vision, which I believe ITU and CITEL have, the same level of commitment, which I am convinced ITU and CITEL have, and the same passion to serve our membership.
The fast evolving ICT sector definitely requires ICT-leading principles: I for Inclusiveness, C for Consultation and T for Transparency. These are my guiding in principles in my relationship with membership and partners.

To conclude I would like to put in the record that my presence here today is not only to represent the ITU but to tell you that I am personally fully committed to working closely with CITEL and its members during my tenure as Director of ITU Telecommunication Development Bureau in order to achieve our common goal to connect human kind anytime and anywhere.
Muchas Gracias.

Mar del Plata, Argentina 8/31/2011



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