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BDT Director Speeches

ITU Telecom ASIA 2008

"We live in an exciting time - a time of rapid change and development. ICTs are transforming our lives. And the Asia and Pacific region is leading the way especially in advanced Internet technologies..."  read more... 

Bangkok, Thailand, 2-5 September 2008

Telecommunication Development Symposium - TDS (ITU Telecom ASIA 2008)

"Let us not let the “digital divide” also be characterized as a “knowledge divide” — between those who have access to information and the learning tools of the 21st century, and those who do not. The need is clear. The need is now. It is time for action by all of us..."  read more... 

Bangkok, Thailand, 2-5 September 2008

Youth Forum (ITU Telecom ASIA 2008)

"Asia is a part of the world that has always been inspirational when it comes to anything modern, especially in the field of ICTs. If you look at the statistics for households connected to broadband, you will find five Asian countries in the top ten. Some of the most successful Internet Protocol Television markets are in Asia and Asia’s mobile communications are constantly evolving in quality and functionality..."  read more... 

Bangkok, Thailand, 31 August 2008

Global Symposium on Human Capital Development

Depending on how one looks at life, it is a blessing or a challenge that so much of this change it taking place during our lifetime. read more...

Coventry, United Kingdom, 21-25 july 2008

ITU and Servei de Telecomunicacions d’Andorra join forces to connect least developed countries and Small Island Developing States

What makes STA’s contribution unique is that it comes from a small, mountainous land-locked country with the desire to help others with smaller economies, such as least developed countries and Small Island Developing States  read more...

source: ITU press release - 9 July 2008

Africa online - Measures to help African Nations join the information age

There are a range of measures that can be undertaken in the African region to enable improved ICT provision.  read more...

source: PSCA International

ITU and Microsoft to collaborate on achieving development goals

Discussions ranged from improving education through information and communication technologies (ICT), developing digital resources, providing access to low-cost ICT devices and building human capacity to expanding e-health services and other e-applications. read more...

source: ITU press release - 26 June 2008

ITU launches Global View on-line map to track WSIS progress

ITU Global View, developed in collaboration with Microsoft and IDV Solutions, was launched on 11 May, the opening day of ITU TELECOM Africa in Cairo, Egypt. Dr Ahmed Nazif, Prime Minister of Egypt joined Dr Hamadoun Touré, ITU Secretary-General, Dr Tarek Kamel, Minister of Communication and Information Technology, Egypt and Mr Sami Al Basheer Al Morshid for the unveiling of this innovative new online mapping application. ITU Global View provides decision-makers and stakeholders with a comprehensive view of current telecommunications infrastructure, projects, and statistics that will help avoid overlapping efforts and facilitate collaboration to address remaining ICT gaps.

ITU and DSF to collaborate on ICT for development projects

ITU and DSF aim to collaborate on projects related to ICT infrastructure and network development technology, e-services and applications, and human capacity building. ITU and DSF will identify common projects and seek additional partners through their respective networks to strengthen implementation. 

Telecommunication Development Symposium - TDC (ITU Telecom AFRICA 2008)

"...we shall put these TDS fellows to work! We will ask them — through the discussions and debates — to elaborate their ideas, concerns, and proposals into a set of concrete recommendations"  read more... 

Cairo, Egypt, 13 May 2008

TELECOM FORUM Morning plenary (ITU Telecom AFRICA 2008)

"... ITU sent a strong message that the time had come to build a team of partners and move forward with a common goal in focus - TO CONNECT AFRICA."  read more...

Cairo, Egypt, 13 May 2008

Youth Forum (ITU Telecom AFRICA 2008)

In an increasingly networked world, the young generation is not only the beneficiary but often the driving force behind the latest innovations and practices.   read more...

Cairo, Egypt, 10 May 2008

XI Meeting of CITEL Permanent Consultative Committee (PCC): Radiocommunications including broadcasting

... ICTs have enormous potential to fuel social and economic development around the world ...  read more...

Washington, United States, 22-25 April 2008

ITU/CITEL Forum on "enabling an ICT business environment in the Americas

The average person may not be aware, but the successful work of organizations like CITEL and ITU to ensure the effective use and management of radio frequency spectrum is the foundation of this bold new wireless world.   read more...

Washington, United States, 22-25 April 2008

SATCOM Africa 2008

... no country is immune. Satellite communication systems play a key role in monitoring and prevention of natural disasters... read more...

Johannesburg, South Africa, 7-10 April 2008

8th Global Symposium for Regulators

If you think about it, what is access if not sharing? When people communicate over the phone, by email, or through video clips and social network sites, they do so to share information, views, business information and personal feelings.  read more...

Pattaya, Thailand, 11-13 march 2008

Global Industry Leaders' Forum

1st time ever - this is not a traditional ITU conference. Rather, it is an open, high-level forum for Industry’s Senior Executives to convey their views on ICT development issues."  read more...

Pattaya, Thailand, 10 March 2008

Regional Cyberscurity Forum

Cyber-threats have become increasingly sophisticated since the early 1980s, when the first known case of a computer virus was reported. Today, cybercrime has become an organized underground economy..."   read more...

Doha, Qatar, 18-21 February 2008

Telecommunication Development Advisory Group

Opening:  just 7 years to go until 2015, the target date to achieve the Millennium Development goals, we have been stepping up our efforts to meet the WSIS targets of connecting the unconnected read more...

Closing - There is much work to be done in carrying out our mandate and to be successful we need good partners.  read more...

Geneva, Switzerland, 4-5 February 2008

10th Meeting on the Arab Centres of Excellence

The Director then traveled on to Damascus, Syria for the  10th meeting on the Arab Centers of Excellence. In addition, he also attended the Regional Workshop on the Role of the ITU’s Arab Regional Office.  

Damascus, Syria, 21-24 January 2008

Pacific Telecommunications Council 2008

What can we in the telecommunications business do to help? My answer is, A LOT.  read more...

Honolulu, Hawaii, United States, 11-16 January 2008


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