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 Monday, 06 February 2006

The World Dialogue on Regulation (WDR), a LIRNE administered project, has made eight research reports available online. Produced by WDR partners and associates, the reports fall within the WDR Third Cycle research theme Diversifying Participation in Network Development

The following reports were made available between 30 November and 20 December 2005. For more information and downloads, follow the links to the World Dialogue on Regulation website.

Replicability of a Microfinance Approach to Extending Telecommunications Access
by Malathy Knight-John, Ayesha Zainudeen & Abu-Saeed Khan (LIRNEasia)

Diversifying Network Participation: A Study of India's Universal Service Instruments 
by Payal Malik & Harsha de Silva (LIRNEasia)

Variations on the Expenditure in Communications in Developing Countries
by Sebastian Ureta (LIRNE)

More reprts are available on the World Dialogue on Regulation website.