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 Monday, 05 November 2007

The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee recently states that the UK government has failed to understand the threat to the continued growth of the internet posed by cybercrime as evident in their response to the committee's report on personal internet security, published on 10 August. The Lords' report had warned of the danger that public confidence in the internet would be lost, due to "perception that the internet is a lawless 'Wild West'." In the government's reply, presented to Parliament on 24 October, the government rejected this as well as the recommendation that there should be a data-breach notification law to provide businesses with incentives to take better care of customer data. According to the government, this kind of law that forced companies to admit when they had been the victims of cybercrime does not prove to be effective, but reassures businesses that they will consider finding "more formal ways" of reporting security breaches to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) "when problems arise". The government also rejected calls for software and hardware vendors to be liable for the security of their products, and for banks to guarantee e-fraud refunds.

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