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 Tuesday, 09 November 2010

Identity theft and misuse of data is of top concern to people around the world as well as in the United States. That's a challenge for our society, our political leadership and the IT industry. It's also a challenge to our customers. End users are sensitive to security technology and security safeguards used for Internet banking and online transactions. Our belief is that it's best to let people see that you have good security rather than making it invisible to people. It's the equivalent of showing people the vault in the back room in your great grandmother's generation.

What people want to see now is that their Internet banking and identity data is safe. We've seen this more than we did three or four years ago. Our customers want two-factor identification not to be invisible. If you log onto your bank through a kiosk device it acknowledges that you haven't used this device before and it puts you through an extra handshake.


(Source: Forbes)

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