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 Monday, 10 September 2007

Peter Gutmann of the Department of Computer Science, University of Auckland presents how "malware has come a long way since it consisted mostly of small-scale (if prolific) nuisances perpetrated by script kiddies. Today, it's increasingly being created by professional programmers and managed by international criminal organisations. The Commercial Malware Industry looks at the methods and technology employed by the professional malware idustry, which is turning out "product" that matches (and in some cases even exceeds) the sophistication of standard commercial software, but with far more sinister applications."

The presentation discusses extensively how the malware industry has evolved from The Numbers Racket to organized crimes and even further now into the Spam, Carding, Phishing and Botnet businesses, among others. Provided in the presentation as well are case studies and examples, statistics, and technical mechanisms of these growing internet crimes as services.

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