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 Friday, 04 November 2005

Virus scanners made moot by new exploit.

Recently, researcher Andrey Bayora revealed that it is possible to fool the scanners into thinking that a file under scan is one kind, when it is in actuality something entirely different. Bayora (of, a Russian-born Israeli, has issued an advisory that details how to bypass many popular Windows AV programs.

The London Action Plan of spam enforcement authorities has a new website with news. A spam enforcement workshop is now taking place in London:

The Office of Fair Trading, through the UK presidency of the European Union, has invited members of the London Action Plan (LAP) network and the Contact Network of Spam Authorities (CNSA) to participate in a two-day ‘spam enforcement workshop’. The workshop will be held in London at the Department of Trade and Industry Conference Centre on Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th November 2005.