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 Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Spamnation reports that the popular scambaiting site 419Eater and the anti-scam site Scamwarners are the latest anti-spam sites to fall victim to a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. Artists against 419 was also hit recently as well as another useful anti-scam site, CastleCops, along with other sites hosting antispam forums.

Spamnation asserts that the Zhelatin (Storm Worm) gang is responsible for a number of other DDoS attacks this year, including an attack against anti-spam sites and download sites operated by a rival spam gang. Zhelatin are known to have spare capacity at the moment. There have been reports that they have built up a botnet containing more than a million computers, not all of which are currently being used for stock and pill spam.

For spam gangs like Zhelatin, a DDoS attack appears to be another opportunity to exploit. When the Zhelatin botnet gets to break in a site, it's more likely that the attack has been commissioned by one of their customers. In the same way that a customer can order a stock spam run, they can request a DDoS attack (although it has been claimed that DDoS attacks cost more than regular spam runs, because there is a greater risk that ISPs or law enforcement will react aggressively to shut down the machines involved).

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