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 Friday, 03 August 2007

SRI and Georgia Tech have been working on a new tool, BotHunter, that aims to quickly locate bot traffic inside a network. "BotHunter introduces a new kind of passive network perimeter monitoring scheme, designed to recognize the intrusion and coordination dialog that occurs during a successful malware infection. It employs a novel dialog-based correlation engine, which recognizes the communication patterns of malware-infected computers within the network perimeter.  A government/military version of this software has been in use successfully for about a month, and a public version has recently been released. A highly interactive honeynet using BotHunter is also run by SRI. Dozens of new infections are detected each day, and the site proves to be very helpful in understanding the behavior of the received malware. It generates a list of potentially evil IP addresses and DNS queries as well."

For more information on this new software, visit the BotHunter site.