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 Tuesday, 28 August 2007

GigaOM, on an article by Om Malik, "All Hail SMS," discusses the growing popularity of Short Message Service (SMS), aka text messaging, despite rumors of its pending demise. The technology's relative simplicity and ease of use, despite the high tariffs imposed by carriers around the world, makes SMS usage more and more popular. According to Paul Ruppert, a veteran of mobile business and now a consultant, every year, 2.1 billion global mobile users send 3 trillion SMS messages. Even in markets like the U.S., which lagged in embracing the ease and power of texting and seemingly preferred email and Instant Messaging, text messaging has become an intimate aspect of daily lives, especially for those 15 to 25. Commonly used communications applications embedding direct-to-SMS functionality, such as the new Yahoo Mail, which comes with free text messaging to mobile phone numbers (available in the U.S., Canada, India and the Philippines), have also become apparent nowadays.

Om Malik also writes that "some (mostly entrepreneurs and venture capitalists) believe that like email, SMS is the vehicle for add-on-innovation. There are gaming companies that have turned SMS-based voting into a big business. Voice SMS is being talked about as the next big thing."

To read the full artcile, click here.