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 Tuesday, 12 October 2010

PRE-TEENS should not be on Facebook, insists Queensland Premier Anna Bligh - and the social networking site needs to work harder at enforcing the 13-year age limit. "I think that parents are right when they say that primary school children should not be on Facebook and I support Queensland parents when they say that Facebook needs to do more to address their legitimate fears," Ms Bligh said. "Vigilant parents can email the company if their child is under 13 and the child's site will be shut down.

''Unfortunately, there really is nothing to stop their child setting up another site." Sandy White from Norman Park in Brisbane's inner east is the mother of Thomas, 13, and Ryan, 12. She believes the number of primary school children using Facebook is growing. "I do not allow my boys to have a Facebook account, even though they would love to. It seems the norm these days is for children as young as 10 or 11 to join up but I believe that children of that young age are defenceless to predators.


(Source: Queensland Newspapers)

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