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 Thursday, 27 March 2008

The Guardian newspaper reports that the first UK national strategy for child Internet safety (which includes a streamlined system for classifying  computer games and codes of practice for social networking sites) will be set out today, 27th March 2008.

This comprehensive and detailed report  carried out by child psyhologist, Dr Tanya Byron, showed that parents are worried about online predators and children are worried by cyber bullying.

One of her proposals includes new codes of practice to regulate social networking sites, such as Bebo and Facebook, and standards on privacy and harmful content.

Dr Byron states that these social networking sites should be asked to agree on codes of practice on harmful content and calls for an independent body to evaluate whether the site is meeting such standards.

She is planning to say that the online explosion has rendered parents as "...the Internet immigrants" and children as "...the Internet natives.." leaving parents lagging behind as as result of the fast past of technology.

Dr Byron is reported to have said yesterday, "Ironically parents' concerns about risk and safety of their children in the streets and outside has driven a generation of children indoors, where it could be argued they are being exposed to a whole new set of risks".

Suprisingly, the British Board of  Film Classification system fails to provide any indication about the actual content of computer games or to explain their age rating.

Full article here.