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 Sunday, 22 May 2005

Internet Telephony Providers Can Seek Exemption from Obligations: On April 15 2005 the Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority published a policy paper entitled Regulation of VoIP Services. The paper presents the authority's views on how Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services are regulated under Norwegian law.

The policy paper indicates that VoIP service offerings that are designed for any-to-any communication and are publicly available are considered to be publicly available telephony services. Therefore, these VoIP services are subject to all obligations to which providers of electronic communication services and publicly available telephony services are subject under the Electronic Communications Act and the Regulations on Electronic Communications Networks and Services.

The policy paper also indicates that the authority would consider granting temporary exemptions from some of the obligations imposed on internet telephony providers offering VoIP services that are designed for any-to-any communication and are publicly available.

On May 2 2005 the authority sent a letter to service providers offering VoIP services in Norway, requesting them to send applications for temporary exemptions by June 1 2005.

From International Law Office [via my weblog]