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 Thursday, 07 May 2009

Eight paedophiles from Scotland were convicted of child abuse and producing indecent images of children. The charges against them include abusing infants from three months old to conspiracy and possession of more than 125,000 images of child abuse.

The accusers were caught after one of them, Neil Strachan, took his computer to be repaired. The repair technician found indecent images of children. 7000 more images were uncovered, with emails showing that other children were at serious risk. Local Scottish detectives were granted warrants by courts in the USA to have access to email records from Microsoft.

Investigation into the digital camera used to record the abuse exposed another of the accusers' identities. Sophisticated tracking equipment pinpointed this individual's broadband Wi-Fi signals in a specific area of Edinburgh, Scotland. Further investigation by the police revealed the identities of all eight paedophiles.

(Source: Guardian)

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