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 Monday, 01 September 2008

The ITU Regional Cybersecurity Forum for Eastern and Southern Africa was held in Lusaka, Zambia from 25 to 28 August 2008.

The forum, which was hosted by the Communications Authority of Zambia and the Government of Zambia, and jointly organized by ITU and COMESA, aimed to identify the main challenges faced by countries in the region in developing frameworks for cybersecurity and CIIP, to consider best practices, share information on development activities being undertaken by ITU as well as other entities, and review the role of various actors in promoting a culture of cybersecurity. The forum also considered initiatives on the regional and international level to increase cooperation and coordination amongst the different stakeholders.

Approximately 60 people from 21 countries and 4 regional organizations participated in the event. Among the participants were professionals from governments, regulatory authorities, private sector, and civil society. Full documentation of the event, including the final agenda and all presentations made, is available on the event website. The meeting report available on the event website summarizes the discussions throughout the four days of the ITU Regional Cybersecurity Forum for Eastern and Southern Africa, provides a high-level overview of the sessions and speaker presentations, and presents some of the common understandings and positions reached at the event. 

The third day of the ITU Regional Cybersecurity Forum, 27 August 2008, was dedicated to specific working sessions on developing national and regional cybersecurity/CIIP capacity through three working groups. The working groups focused on 1) developing a national cybersecurity strategy, 2) legislation and enforcement and, 3) watch, warning, and incident response. In addition to the overall forum recommendations, specific recommendations and suggestions were developed by the three ad hoc working groups: Working Group 1: Regional Approach for the Development of a National Cybersecurity Strategy; Working Group 2: Legal Foundation and Enforcement; and Working Group 3: Watch, Warning, and Incident Response.

See the event website for more information.