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 Monday, 22 October 2007

An article on CIO, Who's Stealing Your Passwords? Global Hackers Create a New Online Crime Economy, provides a detailed account of Don Jackson's discovery of Gozi, and the new online crime economy. It also illustrates the evolution of online crime from trojans to sophisticated networks selling bot services. Don Jackson is a security researcher for SecureWorks, one of dozens of boutique security firms that have emerged to deal with the Internet security. From an executable file, Gozi, that Jackson discovered on a friend's computer, he was led to this professionally-run business-like network, later identified as the, where he uncovered a "3.3 GB file containing more than 10,000 online credentials taken from 5,200 machines—a stash he estimated could fetch $2 million on the black market." It was also mentioned that "Lance James’ company Secure Science discovers 3 million compromised login credentials—for banks, for online email accounts, anything requiring a username and password on the Internet—and intercepts 250,000 stolen credit cards. On an average week, Secure Science monitors 30-40GB of freshly stolen data, 'and that’s just our company,' says James."

Read the full account of Don Jackson on the CIO website.