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 Thursday, 21 February 2008

According to reports, DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) assaults on online gambling sites, particularly on major online poker websites, have surfaced this week. The online poker information portal advised that many online poker and casino properties have suffered outages, naming  Full Tilt Poker as probably the most visible with an inaccessible website for as long as 48 hours, probably incurring serious losses in business. As of 5 am EST Tuesday, the website is redirecting to as a consequence of the attacks. According to the organisation, the attacks on Internet gambling sites commenced on 10 February 2008 and continued through to 18 February 2008. Among the targets were Full Tilt Poker, Party Casino, Titan Poker, Virgin Games, CD Poker, Europa Casino, and a number of Russian online gambling including The extent of the outages for each site varied depending on the ferocity of the attacks and if they had any anti-DDoS attack measures in place. Full Tilt Poker is clearly still having issues while a number of the Russian web properties are still down. There have been reports that Full Tilt's poker room has crashed numerous times over the past few days, including an embarrassing outage during the final table of the FTOPS main event. The motive behind the attacks is still unknown.

Read the full report here.