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 Tuesday, 06 November 2007

Roger A. Grimes of InfoWorld interviewed Paul Laudanski, founder and leader of CastleCops which is a volunteer organization dedicated to fighting malware, spam, and phishing. Paul talked about the effects of DDoS and provided pointers on how to mitigate and ride the attack. He said that the primary thing to be decided in cases of attacks is whether the company wants to stay in business during the attack or not. If so, all the attack traffic need to be absorbed along with the legitimate traffic, meaning the broadband connection, routers, firewall, Web servers, and back-end databases have to be able to deal with the attack. He also suggested knowing ahead of time how the company's ISP handle DDoS events. They further discussed how to possibly pursue criminal charges after the attacks. "To be honest, being able to locate and prosecute the DDoS attacker is a long shot. The lack of cohesive communications between all the parties that need to be involved in an investigation, the legal implications of the global nature of the assault, and the growing sophistication of bot nets all fight against a successful prosecution. But as Paul and CastleCops can tell you, it can be done."

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