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 Thursday, 04 October 2007

Heise Online recently reported "on a ruling, dated March 27, 2007, which has only now been published and is likely to have legal ramifications, the local court of the Berlin district of Mitte has barred the Federal Ministry of Justice from retaining personal data acquired via its website beyond the periods associated with the specific instances of use of the site... The local court also opposed the view espoused by operators and some data privacy watchdogs that security reasons justify a recording regime that over short periods of time maps the behavior of all Net users and allows individual users to be picked out." Slashdot adds that "German privacy activists have started a campaign Wir speichern nicht, ("we don't log your data!") which provides manuals how to turn off the IP logging on your server."

In response to this ruling, Patrick Breyer of the German Working Group on Data Retention, who was the plaintiff in the relevant case, has called on all public authorities, departments and agencies of the German Federal State and of the federal states comprising the Federal Republic to abandon their "illegal data retention policies" by the end of this year at the very latest or have additional lawsuits filed. Breyer has made a model complaint available on his website.

Read the complete news report here.