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Projects in the CIS Region

Types of ICT Applications Projects

e-Government       e-Environment

e-Health                e-Learning

e-Strategies           e-Employment

e-Commerce          e-Agriculture


ITU supported the government of Azerbaijan in the creation of the Internet portal of the government. The portal aimed to reflect a transparency of governmental activities, develop interactive communication among governmental organizations and citizens, simplify the work of public services, reduce charges by the introduction of functional services, and increase the efficiency of government/management by using ICT's. This project is now operational (2004).


This project aimed to deliver cost effective solutions for the secure transmission, access and processing of digitized government documents thereby increasing the efficiency and transparency of government services. Senior level officials of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Georgia provided solutions to enhance work flow automation, enable officials to digitally sign and disseminate official documents thence replacing the slow and rather expensive paper-based methods. Authorized access to sensitive documents will be made possible through security and trust solutions to establish the identities of authorized personnel within the Ministry. The project considered the interoperability of the new solutions with existing information technology systems at the Ministry. Started in July 2003, this project is now operational.


In partnership with the Telemedicine Foundation of Russia, ITU implemented a telemedicine project. The project, known as transtelephonic electro cardiogram (ECG) transmission will give patients living far from medical centers the opportunity of getting advice from a cardiologist using simple telephone connection (2000).


ITU provided assistance to create a trial transtelephonic electro-cardiogram (ECG) monitoring service for cardiac outpatients (2002).



As the main sector in the country, this project aims to assess the needs of the agricultural sector in relation to the potentials of ICTs and work towards the implementation of a project in the rural area where ICTs can bring direct benefits to farmers and other stakeholders in the agricultural sector. ITU assessed needs, defined technical and financial requirements and proposed an action plan for the project implementation. With the participation of the government of Kyrgyzstan. This project is fully operational (2003). (Progress also displayed at WSIS)


Project initiated to assess needs, define technical and financial requirements and propose a strategy for the implementation of e-Services (including e-Agriculture and e-Government) in Kyrgyztan (2002).


The need for the introduction of info-communication technologies in national systems of public health services, with the purpose of modernization of rendering of medical aid to the population and for allowing mobility of medical services, necessitated the Moldova Government telemedicine project. ITU provided a grant for carrying out researches and development on of the “E-HEALTH IN THE REPUBLIC OF MOLDOVA” report (BTD Operative Plan for 2006 Nr 8778) (2006).


The continued support of ITU enjoyed by the Ministry of Information Development of the Republic of Moldova, resulted in further researches related to medicine, and the making of important decisions regarding delivering of telemedicine services, such as the creation of the State Register of Medical Insurance and Automated Information System of State Register of Medicines/ Drugs (2006).


The project involved the organization and facilitation of easy access to government information, creating an opportunity for citizens, companies and employees to find and receive the information and to get specific services they require. The developed portal provides the transparency of government/management activity and facilitates effective communication between the government and citizens on the basis of ICTs. This project is now operational (2004).


The goal of the Uzbekistan telemedicine project was to connect the State Research Centre of Emergency Medicine (SRCEM) with the Research Centre of Surgery and all the 12 branches of the Research Centre of Surgery, which are located in Tashkent. ITU provided telemedicine expert services, participated in the evaluation and monitoring of the work of the system during the pilot period, and provided financial support on a cost sharing basis with other partners of the telemedicine project (2002).


BDT provided assistance to Uzbekistan in analyzing socio-economic and legal aspects and formulating recommendations on the implementation of a pilot e-health project (2006).


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