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ITU Academy Partnership

It is imperative to avoid that the “digital divide” also becomes a “knowledge divide” between those who have access to the information and learning tools of the 21st century and those who do not.  Recognizing this, global leaders at the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), held in 2003 and 2005, agreed that everyone should have the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills and benefit fully from the emerging Information Society. Fulfilling this vision requires extensive efforts in the areas of education, technology know-how and access to information, all major factors in determining sustainable development and national competitiveness in an increasingly globalized economy.

As the UN specialized agency for information and communication technologies (ICTs), the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has played an active role in implementation of the WSIS goals for capacity building. Under the umbrella of ITU Academy, we train each year thousands of individuals in developing economies to adapt to a rapidly evolving telecommunications and ICT environment.  Through our many training opportunities, whether face-to-face or through e-learning, we address a wide scope of topics; ranging from specialized technical certificate-based programmes for young people, to specialized training for government policy makers and regulators, to professional business-focused curricula for senior executives and managers.

Our growing network of partners encompasses currently more than 100 training/education institutions globally. This includes more than 60 Internet Training Centres, which help developing countries meet their human resource requirements for skilled Internet and "new economy" professionals through Internet and IP-related training programmes. It also includes a rapidly growing global network of more than 50 Centres of Excellence, made up of institutions sharing expertise, resources and capacity-building know-how in telecommunications and ICTs training/education.

Working Together

ITU is bringing together partners from government, industry, financial institutions and other stakeholders as part of a shared effort to Connect the World. The objective of Connect the World is to mobilize the human, financial and technical resources required to bridge the major gaps in access to telecommunications/ICTs which are seen as catalysts for broader economic growth, employment and development in all regions.

As a flagship initiative of ITU’s Connect the World initiative, the ITU Academy Partnership offers you a unique opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to supporting education and training, in several ways:

1. Co-sponsor ITU Academy Curriculum

Co‑sponsor the development of ITU Academy training and educational resources in any of our official working languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish). These materials can be prepared for delivery in either face-to-face settings, through e-learning, or a combination of both. Your sponsorship will help ITU collaborate with the best subject matter experts and instructional design specialists to prepare world-class training/educational materials.

Subject to agreement, training materials can be made widely and freely available on the ITU Academy portal as an open education resource, delivered through our partner training/education institutions, such as our Centres of Excellence and/or Internet Training Centres, and/or through ITU Academy Sponsored Training Workshops programme.

2. Sponsor ITU Academy Training Workshops

Sponsor one or more of a series of ITU Academy training workshops on chosen topics, including emerging wireless technologies and applications, emergency communications and disaster relief, rural access policy, and regulatory best practices among others. Sponsorship costs are used to cover expenses for subject matter expert trainers, the provision of fellowships for developing country participants, venue support, and/or training materials.

3. Become an ITU Academy Partner Institution

Join a growing network of partners who are sharing expertise, resources and capacity-building know-how in telecommunications and ICTs training/education. As an ITU Academy Partner Institution you can help shape the direction of activities of ITU Academy and contribute directly to our training/education efforts.

Benefits for Partners

Commensurate with levels of partnership or sponsorship, potential benefits include:

  • Acknowledgment with your logo on the ITU Academy portal and/or main curriculum course listing page
  • Acknowledgment in the ITU Academy newsletter, training catalogues
  • Co-branding with ITU on sponsored /supported training and/or e-learning materials
  • Acknowledgment in the ITU Academy announcement of new courseware RSS feed.

Your support for our programmes above will provide new training and educational opportunities worldwide.

Regional initiatives

The ITU World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC) in 2006 called upon BDT to implement a series of initiatives based on the priorities in each region. These "Regional Initiatives" are to be implemented by 2010.



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