Connect Arab Summit 2012
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Doha, Qatar - 5-7 March 2012


The Arab States regional initiatives are intended to address specific telecommunication/information and communication technology (ICT) priority areas, through partnerships and resource mobilization to implement small-, medium- and large-scale projects. Under each regional initiative, projects will be developed and implemented to meet the region's needs.

1. Broadband access network

Objective: To assist Member States in the implementation and development of broadband access networks in urban and rural areas.

Expected results

  • Establishment of national and regional strategic plans and work programmes for the telecommunication/ICT sector to meet the needs of the Arab countries in this field

  • Improved broadband network infrastructure for the provision of good-quality and affordable telecommunication/ICT services in urban and rural areas, including migration to next-generation networks (NGNs)

  • Development of ICT applications that can support multilingualism and address local needs

  • Development of human resources to address regulatory, technical and economic issues related to broadband communication networks, NGNs and migration to NGN.

2. Digital broadcasting

Objective: To assist Member States in making the gradual transition from analogue to digital broadcasting so that they may enjoy the benefits of digital broadcasting technologies, particularly visual broadcasting via mobile equipment.

Expected results

  • Harnessing the benefits of digital broadcasting applications in the Arab region

  • Establishment of the requisite regulatory policies and frameworks

  • Support to parties concerned in the field of interactive multimedia services and applications in the Arab region

  • Human resources development.

3. Open-source software

Objective: To develop free software, open-source software and proprietary software to ensure software availability for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Arab region, consistent with WSIS outcomes.

Expected results

  • Establishment of software support centres for the above-mentioned software in the Arab region

  • Determination of best practices in respect of open-source software and its applications, and alternative software development methodologies

  • Development of plans and measures for cooperation and coordination among open-source software support centres.

4. Arabic digital content

Objective: To contribute to the development of Arabic digital content.

Expected results

  • Support for studies on the use of Arabic domain names

  • Development of sites that provide Arabic content with a view to promoting economic and social development of the Arab region

  • Promoting digitization and accessibility of the Arab cultural heritage

  • Appropriate mechanisms for conversion from analogue to digital archives.

5. Cybersecurity

Objective: To enhance coordination in building confidence in the use of ICTs within the Arab region.

Expected results

  • Coordination for the formulation of national and regional regulatory policies and frameworks to combat cybercrime in the Arab region

  • Encouragement for the establishment of national CIRTs in the Arab region, and optimal coordination between them

  • Support to CIRTs in the Arab region through the provision of expertise and studies in this field

  • Ensuring the protection of Arab children and youth from harmful and abusive content on the Internet.