Connect Arab Summit 2012
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Participation and Registration

Participation to the Summit is on invitation and is intended primarily to countries of the region. However, the Summit is open to all ITU membership as well as to financial, development and key players of the region and internationally.

Pre-registration started on 4 January 2012. It is carried out exclusively online through focal points designated by each administration and entity (DFP) entitled to participate in the Summit. The role of a DFP is to carry out all registration formalities of all officials from his/her entity.

The list of focal points can be accessed using a TIES log-in at this address and Designated Focal points can find the registration form here.

If your entity does not have a focal point or a TIES log-in, please contact:

To modify the contact details of a focal point, or to change a focal point, an official fax from an authorized official should be sent to the BDT Registration Service at +41 22 730 5545 or +41 22 730 5484, providing the updated details of the new focal point: last name, first name and e-mail address.