Connect Arab Summit 2012
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Working Groups



Doha, Qatar - 5-7 March 2012


The Summit Themes are based on the Arab States Regional Initiatives, as approved during the World Telecommunication Development Conference 2010, Hyderabad, India.


The ITU and the League of Arab States have created a series of Virtual Working Groups to address four key vertical themes of the Summit (WG1 to WG4) and two horizontal action items (WG5 and WG6). 

Joint ITU|LAS Working Groups


  • Ms Howeida NADIM (ICTQatar)


ITU Focal Point:

  • Mr Ebrahim Alhaddad




  • Mr Afram Jamil (Jordan)
  • Mr Rida Guellouz (Tunisia)
  • Mr Sami Al Basheer (Saudi Arabia)
  • Mr Mustafa Abdulhafiz (Sudan)
  • Mr Mustafa Fathi Khattab (ARADO)

Working Groups

WG1 - Access & Infrastructure

  • Rapid deployment of broadband networks
  • Building workforce skills to prepare for broadband-enabled economy
  • ICT applications and services to respond to the special needs of persons with disabilities, women and those living in rural or remote areas
  • Transitioning to digital broadcasting to enable mobile TV and interactive multimedia services and applications
  • Affordability of ICT services

Coordinator & ITU Focal Points

Afram JAMIL (Jordan)
Riccardo PASSERINI (ITU, Infrastructure)
Susan SCHORR (ITU, Accessibility)

WG2 - Trust and Security

  • National and regional regulatory policies and frameworks for data privacy and to combat cybercrime
  • Establishment of and coordination between national CIRTs
  • Protection of Arab children and youth from harmful content on the Internet


Coordinator & ITU Focal Point




WG3 - Digital Content


  • Stimulating Arabic digital content and innovative ICT applications and services through initiatives promoting youth entrepreneursship
  • Supporting the use of Arabic domain names
  • Creation of digital archives to spearhead e-government and to preserve the Arab cultural heritage


Coordinator & ITU Focal Point

Mustafa ABDAULHAFIZ (Sudan)

WG4 - Innovation


  • Using ICTs to foster innovation for socio-economic development
  • Devise innovative strategies and technologies to leap-frog the digital divide
  • Develop free, open-source, and proprietary software to ensure software availability for SMEs in the Arab region


Coordinator & ITU Focal Point

Ridha GUELLOUZ (Tunisia)
Robert SHAW (ITU)


WG5 - Capacity Building


  • The Capacity Building is an horizontal activity intersecting all other WG activities
  • Develop Capacity Programs to support selected projects and activities
  • Ensure that human and institutional capacity building in the field of ICTs is of the utmost quality
  • Foster digital inclusion that promotes ICT accessibility and their ICTs for social and economic development


Coordinator & ITU Focal Point


WG6 - Private Sector


  • Define the role of private sector entities in the preparation and implementation of Summit outcomes
  • Identify Private Sector entities to be engaged in the Summit process


Coordinator & ITU Focal Point

Sandrine GUYOT (ITU)