Connect Arab Summit 2012
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The organizers and partners of the Connect Arab Summit invite submissions

concerning new commitments that stakeholders wish to have announced during the Event in

Doha, Qatar from 5th to 7th March 2012.

This invitation is addressed to all governments, international organizations, private sector, civil society

 and other stakeholders involved in ICT activities in the Arab Region, whether or not

they will be physically present at the Summit in Doha.

The intention is to create an open and widely accessible

Connect Arab Commitments Portal

to showcase these new activities to interested stakeholders, potential partners and the media

in a way that enhances coordination and collaboration, reduces overlapping efforts,

and complements initiatives already underway.

Your commitments will be posted on the Connect Arab Summit website during and after the Summit.

This information will also be used in the press releases and other media activities

organized during the Summit.