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Biography of Thomas Wilson SAMENA

Director and Member of Executive Committee
CEO & Founder, Teralight Ltd.

Thomas (Tom) Wilson is the CEO, Founder and Executive Managing Director for SAMENA Telecommunications Council, based in Dubai, UAE. He is also the Chairman and CEO of Teralight Ltd., a Dubai based Telecommunications Professional Services Company. 

Mr. Wilson has served as an Organizational and Strategic Development consultant to the Telecommunications industry, since 1981. The majority of his experience has been in an entrepreneurial role, establishing, and operating service provider companies, specifically targeting multiple disciplines within the international marketplace. Teralight's customer base is primarily inclusive of Operators and Service Providers in the region, with a very strong presence in Pakistan and the Gulf. Wilson has been in the Telecommunications Industry over twenty nine years.

Mr. Wilson participated heavily in the Competitive Telecommunications Association, the Pacific Telecommunications Council and also in early stage development of Telecommunications Associations in Europe. Mr. Wilson also has started several telecommunications service providers meeting success in the nineties.

Wilson has authored four industry books, which were typically reference and resource guides. These books were written on the Prepaid Telecommunications Industry and also on Alternative Revenue Channel delivery methods in Telecom. He has been published multiple times in leading industry trade journals. He is also a member of ISOC (Internet Society Organization).