Connect Arab Summit 2012
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Biography of Eng. Haitham Desoky

- Graduate from Telecom and Electronics, Al-Azhar University.

- Work as an R&D engineer at Nile University.


- First place honors in the program (Stars of Science), the third season 2011.

- Received a certificate of excellence and the Gold Medal from the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation (Tokyo,japan, 2004).

- First place in the exhibition of inventions in (Kuwait,2007)

- Shield, a gold medal and a certificate of appreciation from the exhibition of scientific creativity, invention (Sudan, 2007).

- Was honored in the feast of science (January 20, 2008).

- The first place and gold medal in the Arab Youth Festival, 2008.

- First place in many competitions organized by IEEE.

While working on one of his projects to create a touch sensitive, ring shaped computer mouse, he decided to take his invention to the next level and create opposite surface stickers for nonconductive touch sensors.

My ultimate goal is to benefit society through his inventions.

Project Brief
This new method relies on electrostatic energy which can be applied to insulating surfaces like wood, plastic glass, marble and textile. The goal of this invention is to transform non conductive surfaces with limited thickness (wood, glass, etc) to touch sensors or screens with transparent stickers placed on opposite side of operation interface.

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