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Biography of Hosam El Sokkari

Head of Audience, Yahoo! Middle East

Hosam El Sokkari is in charge of building a stronger and richer content portfolio, merging users’ experience across numerous platforms and developing a stronger tie between media and community channels. He is a media professional with extensive experience in both traditional and new media (TV, radio and online) at an international level.  Hosam is the former head of BBC Arabic channel and a well-known TV presenter and moderator who has been honored as one of the 20 individuals shaping the region’s digital-media, broadcast and telecommunications industries by Digital Broadcast Magazine.  On several occasions, he has also made it onto Arabian Business’s list of the “World's Most Influential Arabs”.

Advancing Yahoo!’s position as the premier digital media company in the Middle East, Hosam has helped secure a number of major content deals since joining the Yahoo! team in the spring of 2010.  Under Hosam’s leadership, the Yahoo! Middle East portfolio has grown to include distinguished brands such as BBC, Reuters, Al Jazeera and Rotana.  Additional partnerships within the Middle East have also been built with groups such as Saudi Research, Al Youm Al Sabei of Egypt, Al Aan of Dubai, and Annahar of Lebanon.

Hosam has been instrumental in launching many of Yahoo!’s flagship projects in the Middle East, the new Arabic homepage in both English and Arabic and the roll out of the OMG! Celebrity news site and the revamp of the popular women’s portal; Helwa.    

He joined Yahoo! Middle East after 15 years of work at the BBC, during which time he became the first Arab to take the position of Head of BBC Arabic since the service began in 1938. Hosam also played a major role in the expansion of BBC Arabic, going from being a radio channel to an integrated multi-platform operation offering radio, online, digital services and a television news channel running on a 24-hour basis.  He has been credited for creating media offers that included user-generated content as an integratal part of BBC Arabic programming.

Hosam also was a member of the launch team of Al Jazeera TV channel, where he established and presented one of the channel’s flagship programs and helped build the brand to the international success that it is today.

Hosam was educated in Cairo, Berlin and London. He holds a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences and an MSc in Information Systems from the London School of Economics.

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