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Biography of Yasser AL-SAIDI

Acting CEO, YEFE

Yasser Al-Saidi, born and educated in Birmingham UK, began his career in youth development in 1989 where he worked voluntarily as an assistant Youth Worker at his local Youth & Community Centre.  After voluntarily serving a period of 5 years, Mr. Al-Saidi was approved by the Birmingham City Council as a qualified Youth Worker in August 1994.  He continued working in youth work on a part-time basis for another 2 years where he established youth clubs for youth communities in other districts in Birmingham. Mr. Al-Saidi obtained an Information Technology degree from the University of Central England, Birmingham in 1996. He moved to Yemen in August 1996 and worked with Proctor and Gamble in Yemen as their Sales Systems Manager to 1998. From 1998 to 2000 he worked with the Mines Clearance Planning Agency, a UNDP-funded project in Yemen, and in 2000 he established his IT Solutions Company, a small business he operated until 2005. He also worked with DFID in Yemen from 2005-2008. Finally in 2009, Mr. Al-Saidi joined YEFE and as the Alumni Coordinator. In late 2009 he was promoted to COO and Program Manager, and in 2011 became the Acting-CEO.

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