Biography of Robert Fröhler

Robert Fröhler is since 2006 as Managing Director responsible for all Rohde & Schwarz activities for all product lines in Latin America. He also is the President of the Board of Directors of the subsidiaries in Mexico, Colombia and Brazil.

Fröhler began his career at R&S in 1985 as an applications engineer and learned about the various technologies and the company. He then spent several years at an American company selling software products to the automotive industry and enriched his professional and intercultural skills.

In 1994, he returned to manage sales for R&Ss Japanese partner company. As Managing Director, he was responsible for the success of these products in Europe and Latin America for over seven years. Armed with the additional skills learned from an European sales growth project, Robert Fröhler began managing Latin America in 2006.

Customer needs, applications and solutions have always been his focus and have made him successful throughout the years