The Opening Ceremony on 18 July will comprise a High Level Segment for policy statements to be delivered by Heads of State /Government.

In order to accommodate all Heads of State/Government speakers, statements should not exceed five minutes, on the understanding that this does not preclude the presentation of more extensive texts that will from parte of the official records and be made available online.

A List of Speakers will be opened as of 29 June 2012.  Request for inscription on the list of speakers should be communicated by email to (

Policy statements made at the Connect Americas must be provided in advance for interpreters, preferably by 16 July 2012. In addition, policy statements provided electronically will be posted after delivery on the website of the Conference in the language(s) in which they were submitted.

When submitting the statement, the following information should be clearly indicated:

a.       the speaker’s name

b.      the speaker’s title

c.       the name of the Member State of the speaker

d.      the details of a contact person

e.      original language of text

All copies received will remain confidential until after the statements have been delivered.

If changes are to be made to the text, the contact person should advise the Summit secretariat at the latest 15 minutes after the end of the speech delivery. In the absence of a request to the contrary, the text of the statement will be posted on the website within 30 minutes after delivery.

Contact information:

Policy Statements Coordinator