Special procedures to facilitate the participation of VVIPs and VIPs at the Connect Americas have been put in place.

As a security measure, all participants, with the exception of VVIPs, are required to wear a photo badge to access the conference venue. This includes the official delegation including Heads of State or Government, as well as security and close protection personnel, accompanying press staff (journalists, crews, technical staff), support personnel, etc. Heads of State and Government will have a badge without photo.

In order to avoid unnecessary delays upon arrival, the Designated Focal Point for registration should be contacted to pre-register all personnel using the on-line system. For VIPs, it is possible to send in advance a certified electronic photograph of the official(s) to the Summit Registration Service by e‑mail to at latest by 12 July 2012. The photos submitted must imperatively comply with the specifications found in annex). Photos that do not comply with the specifications will not be processed. All other personnel must come in person at the registration desk of the Summit venue to be photographed and collect their badge from 15 July 2012, 09:00.

Badges Heads of State and Government as well as for VIP whose photos will have been submitted in advance can be collected by a duly authorized representative of the Embassy of the country concerned in Panama ahead of the opening of the Summit upon presentation of the official Embassy ID card.

Please note that this special procedure is reserved strictly for VVIP, as well as to VIPs for whom a photograph has been provided in advance. All others will have to come in person to be photographed and collect their badge.