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Practical information

Practical Information

The venue

The Connect Africa Summit will be held at the Kigali Serena Hotel
Telephone +250 597100
Fax +250 597101
Address P.O. Box 7469
Kigali, RWANDA

Host country official website

Air Travel

Rwandair Express operates flights directly between Kigali and Entebbe (Uganda), Johannesburg (South Africa), Nairobi (Kenya) and Bujumbura (Burundi).

Other direct flights to Kigali are run by Kenya Airways from Nairobi, Ethiopian Airlines from Addis Ababa and Bujumbura, and South African Airways from Johannesburg. Belgian carrier SN Brussels Airlines is the only European company to operate direct flights to Rwanda with service on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Kigali International Airport at Kanombe is approximately 12 km (7.5 miles) east of the city center, where conference sessions will be held.

Please note: You MUST reconfirm your departing flight from Kigali three days in advance or your reservation could be cancelled. Assistance will be provided at the conference for delegates to confirm their airline reservations prior to leaving Kigali.


A valid passport and an entry visa are required to enter Rwanda.  Applicants holding national passports from USA, Germany, Canada, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, South Africa, Kenya, Great Britain, Sweden, Hong Kong (China) and Burundi do not need entry visas due to the bilateral agreement that Rwanda has with these countries.

Applicants holding Diplomatic and official passports are not required to apply for a visa.

Conference participants may obtain a Rwandan visa from the Rwandan embassies located in the following countries:
Pretoria, South Africa - Bonn, Germany  - Brussels, Belgium  -  Bujumbura, Burundi  - Ottawa, Canada  - Beijing, China  - New Delhi, India  - Tokyo, Japan  - Nairobi, Kenya  - London, Great Britain  - Geneva, Switzerland  - Dar-es-salam, Tanzania  - Kampala, Uganda  - Washington, DC, United States of America  - Amsterdam, Holland  - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Delegates from countries with no Rwanda diplomatic representation may obtain a visa online.

Hotel reservation

Follow instructions here. Note that hotels can be booked after you have registered as a Summit participant.


Cars/drivers will be available for delegates for transportation from airport to hotels, as well as from hotels to the place of the Summit and back

Metered taxis are available in Kigali. Fares across the city are usually 2000 RWF to 8000 RWF. Some taxis in Kigali are not metered. Reputable un-metered taxis usually have an orange stripe along the base of the vehicle, but be sure to agree on a fare before beginning the trip. Tipping is not expected.

Public transportation is provided by taxi minibuses called matatu. There is not a central local bus station, so the minibuses cruise the streets, advertising their destination in the front window. Buses can usually be waived down. Most routes operate with a fare of 150 RWF.


Rwanda enjoys a subtropical climate with two main season : a rainy season and a dry season. October is in the rain season, with temperature of 22° (with peaks on 27°-30° on rare occasions).


Local time in Kigali :  GMT+2hours.


The three official languages of Rwanda are French, English and Kinyarwanda. In Kigali, many people speak French and an increasing number speak English.

Local currency, change and payment

Delegates are advised that some merchants and exchange bureaus will not accept U.S. currency printed before the year 2000. Please request newer notes from your bank if you will be bringing cash to the conference.

The official currency in Rwanda is the Franc Rwandais (FRW). The Rwandan Franc is not tied to the Euro and is subject to fluctuations.

1 US $ FRW 550
1 CHF FRW 441.58
1 EURO FRW 720
1 ZAR FRW 77
1 GBP FRW 1,087.5

Credit cards are of limited use in Rwanda. At this time, MasterCard is far more widely accepted than Visa (the Visa stickers you see outside some hotels refer to cards issued domestically). Even so, the use of MasterCard extends only to certain hotels in Kigali and very few places outside the capital.

Euros or US Dollars can be exchanged at local banks or Forex bureaus. Travelers cheques are not recommended as they are difficult to exchange.

The three major banks in Kigali are:

Banque de Kigali - Avenue de Commerce
Banque Commerciale de Rwanda – Boulevard de la Revolution
Banque de Commerce, de Development et de l’Industriel – Avenue de la Paix

Standard banking hours are Monday to Friday: 0830-1130 and 1330-1630; Saturday: 0830-1130. As a general rule, shops and offices are open Monday through Friday from 0700 to midday and from 1400 to 1700 or 1800. Shops are also open Saturdays from 0700 to 1800.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

Please contact the Rwanda Revenue Authority.


Three reliable telecommunications networks are available in Rwanda (one fixed and two mobile). Rwanda country code is +250. Wireless Internet connectivity will be available at the Summit, as well as the cybercafé for delegates.

Electrical Power

Electric Power is 230V running at 50Hz.

Medical Care

It is important to stay well hydrated while traveling in Rwanda. Bottled mineral water is available in all major towns, including Kigali. It is not recommended to drink the tap water.

If you need medical assistance while in Rwanda, it will be expected that you pay in full at the time of your treatment. It is recommended that you contact your insurance provider to discuss your international coverage and/or look into travel insurance to decide if it is right for you. For prescriptions, the pharmacy on Boulevard de la Revolution is open 24 hours.

During the event, Serena Medical service will be at your disposal. For more serious assistance, Kigali offers two 24-hour hospitals, which are listed below. Each hospital is equipped with laboratory, x-ray, and pharmacy services. Please note that most emergency surgical cases are evacuated to Nairobi or Pretoria.

King Faisal Hospital
Located behind the Novotel Hotel
Phone: 582-421 / 588-888

Centre Hospitalier de Kigali CHK
Located at the center of Kigali in the district of Nyarugenge
Phone: 575-555 / 576-466 / 576-499


When traveling internationally, it is always a good practice to be prepared for unforeseen events. Please plan to carry enough of your medications for the duration of your trip. Also, it is advisable to carry an emergency medical card detailing any medications, allergies, etc. detailed in English or French.

In the event of emergencies, it is imperative that you contact your embassy of consulate in Rwanda

Immunizations needed

Rwanda requires a certificate for yellow fever vaccination for admittance into the country. If you are unable to have the yellow-fever vaccination (i.e. if you are immuno-compromised or allergic to eggs), ten you will need to obtain an exemption certificate. This will usually allow you entry into one country, but check with the embassy to be sure. If your flight requires a layover stay in another country requiring yellow fever vaccination, you may need an additional exemption.

Malaria is the greatest helth risk to travelers in Rwanda. Seek professional medical advice to ascertain the preferred anti-malarial drugs for Rwanda at the time you travel. in addition to taking anti-malarials, it is important to also avoid mosquito bites between dusk and dawn, which is when the anopheles (malaria-carrying) mosquito is most active.

You may also require additional immunizations and should consult your health care provider prior to travel.

Cultural Considerations

Generally, Rwandans balance a conservative outlook with a great deal of tolerance. Kigali itself is generally regarded as one of the safest cities in Africa. Pleasantries are very important and should be exchanged before proceeding with any conversation. Also, handshake etiquette is important and best picked up by observation.

Asking people their ethnic identity (Tutsi or Hutu) should be avoided. The Government of Rwanda is trying to build a society of Rwandans and asking people you don’t know their ethnic identity can be very embarrassing and unwelcome.

Rwanda Office of Tourism and National Parks

The Rwanda Office of Tourism and National Parks invites you to experience Rwanda during your visit. Information on the country and things to do while in Rwanda.


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