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Invitation to Member States and ITU-D Sector Members of the Africa Region



Geneva, 14 May 2009



Administrations of ITU Member States of the Africa region



ITU-D Sector Members of the Africa region

    Recognized operating agencies, Scientific and industrial organizations, financial or development institutions
    Regional telecommunication organizations
    International telecommunication, standardization, financial or development organizations
    Intergovernmental organizations operating satellite systems
    Other entities dealing with telecommunications

For your reply


Brahima Sanou, Head, ITU Regional Office for Africa
Addis Ababa




+251 11 551 7299
+251 11 551 4977/+251 11 551 4855
+251 11 551 3346/+251 11 551 8328






Emamgholi Behdad
Head, Projects and Initiatives
Telecommunication Development Bureau
International Telecommunication Union, Geneva




+41 22 730 5484
+41 22 730 5448




Africa Regional Preparatory Meeting for the World Telecommunication Development Conference 2010 (RPM-AFR), Kampala, Uganda, 13-15 July 2009

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have pleasure in inviting you to participate in the Regional Preparatory Meeting for Africa (RPM-AFR) for the 2010 World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC-10), to be held in Kampala, Uganda, from 13 to 15 July 2009 at the kind invitation of the Government of Uganda.

Regional preparatory meetings are organized in response to Resolution 31 (Rev. Doha, 2006) in a bid to achieve greater regional coordination and engage Members in the WTDC-10 process early on. They also seek to identify issues, at the regional level, that need to be addressed to foster the development of telecommunications and of information technologies, taking into account the expression of the pressing needs facing the Member States and Sector Members of the region.

The RPM-AFR is expected to draw up recommendations on carefully selected top priority areas identified as essential for the ICT development of the countries of the region, within which Study Group Questions, Programmes, Projects and Regional Initiatives can be identified for consideration by WTDC‑10. To this end, to facilitate effective preparations by the Members of the ITU Telecommunication Development Sector (ITU-D), a very focused RPM-AFR agenda based on the general framework provided by the preliminary draft WTDC-10 agenda has been prepared and is found in Annex I.

In order to consolidate the various contributions submitted in a way that lends itself to the elaboration of a solid, cohesive and powerful package consisting of inter-related and mutually reinforcing components, a template has been developed and can be found at In addition to providing a common approach to submitting contributions, the template will also provide a fast‑track for processing of input documents by reducing the need to reformat the contributions. Contributions not submitted using this template may therefore result in processing and posting delays. Working documents will be posted on the ITU-D website as they become available at the same address.

To enable advance preparations by participants and in light of the constraints derived from the ITU-D schedule of activities, a deadline for the submission of contributions on the items of the draft agenda has been set to 12 June 2009 at the latest.

Practical information relating to the meeting will shortly be available on the website.

Registration will be made exclusively online at Participants experiencing difficulties with their online registration are invited to contact the ITU Regional Office at for assistance.

Subject to the available financial resources and in order to encourage participation, one fellowship may be granted to the administration of each least developed countries (LDC). Fellowship forms may be requested by completing the appropriate section of the online registration form. Pre-registration with requests for fellowship must be submitted no later than 12 June 2009. Pre-registration without fellowship requests can be done until 11:00 (UTC) on 9 July 2009. The deadline for applying for a fellowship is 19 June 2009.

The ITU regional and area offices will work closely with the membership, including the regional telecommunication organizations, in order to facilitate the consolidation of proposals. They stand ready to assist you in order to achieve the expected output, based on priorities and requirements while taking into account restraints and limitations, in order to arrive at workable results. With this approach, Members of the region are likely to derive greater benefits through the achievements of the very objectives they have set and priorities they have identified.

I very much look forward to your inputs to this process to ensure that the Action Plan to be prepared by WTDC-10 is an effective and viable tool to guide our work in the coming years to meet the needs of countries of the Africa region based on the top priorities you will have set.

Yours faithfully,

[Original signed]

Sami Al Basheer Al Morshid






Document RPM-AFR09/01-E

29 April 2009

Original: English




Telecommunication Development Bureau


Draft agenda




Opening Ceremony



Election of the Chairman



Election of the Vice-chairman



Approval of the agenda



Consideration of the Time Management Plan



Implementation of the Doha Action Plan (WTDC-06) and of the WSIS Plan of Action



ICT Development status in the region: challenges and opportunities



A fresh look on ITU-D activities



Proposals for Programmes and Study Group Questions



Priority setting for Regional Initiatives based on the lessons learned from the implementation of the Doha Action Plan



Other business






S. Al-Basheer Al-Morshid


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