Institutional details 2014
Name of Authority
Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (URCA)
Year created 2009
Legal document that created the authority
The Utilities Regulation and Competition Act, 2009
Reports to Annual report to the Sector Ministry & Report to other Ministry & Other: Annual report to be published
Does the Regulatory Authority also regulate other public utilities (e.g. electricity, gas, etc.)?
Is the Regulatory Authority autonomous in its decision making?
Who approves the budget of the Regulator?
Indicate the percentage of budget financed from each source:
Regulatory fees; ; percentage: less than 1% Contributions from regulated telecom operators based on turnover; percentage: 98.5% (approx.) ; percentage of operator revenue (turnover): 1.368% of annual relevant turnover Financial income (e.g. Investment/Deposit); ; percentage: less than 1% (approx.) Other; ; Source: Miscellaneous ; ; percentage: less than 1%
Structure of the Regulator 2014
Name of the Head of the Regulatory Authority:
Mr. Randol Dorsett (Chairperson)
Is it a collegial body? Yes
Total number of members n/a
Is the Head of the commission also responsible for day to day administrative matters? No
Who appoints the Members/Head?
There are two executive members appointed by the Board
Period of appointment (years): n/a
Total number of staff in the Regulatory Authority: 25
Regulatory Functions 2014
R Licensing
R Interconnection rates
R Price Regulation
R Technical standards settings
M R Radio frequency allocation
The Sector Minister is responsible for determining the method of allocation and pricing for certain specified "Premium" Spectrum Bands. The regulator is responsible for all other matters relating to Spectrum Management.
R Spectrum monitoring and enforcement
R Numbering
NR Type approval
R Service quality monitoring
R Universal Service
R Op Quality of service standards
R Enforcement of quality of service obligations
Om R Broadcasting
Ministry of National Security
Om R Broadcasting content
Ministry of National Security
Om Information technology
NR Internet content
Key: M - Sector Ministry
R - Regulatory Authority
Om - Other Ministry or Government body
Op - Operator
O - Other
NR - Not regulated
Recent Legislation 2014
2009 Telecomm. Sector Policy (Draft)
Outlines the Government Policy with respect to Telecommunications.
2001 Telecommunications Sector PolicyAmendment -2002
Outlines the Government's policy with respect to Telecommunications
1999 Public Utilities Commission Act (Amendment)
An amendment to the original Act, 1999.
1999 Telecommunications Act
Provides a regulatory framework for telecommunications
1993 Public Utilities Commission Act
Outlines the functions of the Commission with respect to the regulated sectors.
1975 Broadcasting Act
Regulates broadcasting in The Bahamas
1966 Bahamas Telecommunications Act
Created the Bahamas Telecommunications Corporation.
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