Institutional details 2013
Name of Authority
Unidad Reguladora de Servicios de Comuicaciones (URSEC)
Year created 2001
Legal document that created the authority
Ley 17296
Reports to Report to Government (or Prime Minister) & Annual report to the Sector Ministry
Does the Regulatory Authority also regulate other public utilities (e.g. electricity, gas, etc.)?
Is the Regulatory Authority autonomous in its decision making?
Who approves the budget of the Regulator?
Indicate the percentage of budget financed from each source:
Spectrum fees; ; percentage: 55% Fines/penalties; ; percentage: 1% Contributions from regulated telecom operators based on turnover; percentage: 39% ; percentage of operator revenue (turnover): Other; ; Source: ; ; percentage: 5%
Structure of the Regulator 2013
Name of the Head of the Regulatory Authority:
Ing. Gabriel Lombide (Presidente)
Is it a collegial body? Yes
Total number of members 3
Is the Head of the commission also responsible for day to day administrative matters? Yes
Who appoints the Members/Head?
Period of appointment (years): n/a
Total number of staff in the Regulatory Authority: 79
Regulatory Functions 2013
R Licensing
R Interconnection rates
NR Price Regulation
R Technical standards settings
R Radio frequency allocation
R Spectrum monitoring and enforcement
R Numbering
R Type approval
R Service quality monitoring
NR Universal Service
R Quality of service standards
R Enforcement of quality of service obligations
M R Broadcasting
NR Broadcasting content
M R Information technology
Op Internet content
Key: M - Sector Ministry
R - Regulatory Authority
Om - Other Ministry or Government body
Op - Operator
O - Other
NR - Not regulated
Recent Legislation 2013
2008 Ley 18232
Radios comunitarias
2005 Ley 17909
Limitaciones para el otorgamiento de frecuencias de difusión radioeléctrica
2003 17.598
Supplements 17.296
2002 Ley 17517
Antenas en edificios para radioaficionados
2002 Ley 17520
Uso indebido de señales que son destinadas a ser recibidas en régimen de suscripción
2001 17.296
Establishment of the Regulatory Agency.
2001 Decreto 423/001
Uso de frecuencias radioeléctricas
1996 Ley 13569
1992 Ley 16303
Convenio UIT
1991 Ley 16.211
Partial repeal. DNC responsible for advising the Executive on national telecommunication policy.

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