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Purpose of the Questionnaire: To collect information from ITU Members on the status of Conformance and Interoperability of Equipment and Systems

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 1. Fixed and Mobile Networks

1.1. What kind of Networks are operational in your country and what kind of equipment, services and systems are installed on each network?

Networks Levels:

For the selected networks levels, please specify:

TDM Services:
TDM Equipment/Systems

Internet (IP) Services:
Internet (IP) Equipment/Systems:

NGN (Softswitch based) Services:
NGN (Softswitch based) Equipment/Systems:

NGN (IMS based) Services:
NGN (IMS based) Equipment/System:

Other Networks (please specify):

Other Networks Services:
Other Networks Equipment/Systems:

2G Services:
2G Equipment/Systems:

IMT-2000 (3G) Services:
IMT-2000 (3G) Equipment/Systems:

 2. Conformance and Interoperability
(Please note that Conformance does not necessarily mean Interoperability but is considered to play a key role in increasing the probability of interoperability of equipment and systems from different vendors and may increase connectivity in the networks of your country)

2.1. May equipment, services and systems currently installed or planned to be installed on fixed and mobile networks in your country potentially affect the functionality of networks and services due to lack of conformity and interoperability?

2.2. Please list the main conformance and interoperability problems experienced on your fixed and mobile networks

2.3. What is the impact of these conformance and interoperability problems on the technical and economical aspects (for example Quality of Services network modifications, competitiveness, company image, additional costs to solve problems, etc)?

2.4. Are there activities undertaken or arrangements made prior to installation of equipment in the network to achieve the required level of interoperability between the existing network and the new equipment, systems and services (legacy)?

2.5. Is there a regime of type approval/homologation to ascertain compliance to required technical standards for fixed and wireless equipment planned to be installed on national (public) network(s) and systems?

2.6. Is there a body responsible for type approval/homologation testing about standards requirements?

2.7 Does the type approval/homologation process recognize the marking of another country or region or organization (e.g. EU or FCC) or other bodies as proof for meeting standards requirements?

If yes, please specify

2.8 Do you have a national accreditation body, accredited laboratories and certification bodies that carry out type approval/homologation tests for ICT equipment and systems in accordance to ISO 17000-series standards (ISO 17025, ISO guideline 65)?

If yes, please provide details (organization name, type of tests carried out (ITU Recommendations tested as relevant), physical, postal, email address and telephone numbers)

2.9 Are there any Mutual Recognition Agreements / Arrangements (MRAs) established between Testing Laboratories, Certifiers and for Accreditation Bodies? According to the ISO 17000-series standards?

Please specify if there are other types of agreements

2.10 Do you have market surveillance (a) capability and (b) activity to continuously audit and verify equipment compliance to standards requirements?

If yes, please specify: (a) capability or (b) activity

 3. Training and Capacity Building

3.1 Taking into account the mandate of WTDC-10 Resolution 47, WTSA-08 Resolution 76 and the PP-10 Resolution 177 for enhancing/improving awareness and capacity building on Conformance and Interoperability in the regions, what capacity building/training activities (training, workshops, topics) would be useful in your country/region?

3.2 Is your country ready to participate in the following activities?:

a. develop a regional program aimed at improving capacity building and providing tutorials opportunities carried out by experts?

b. exploring opportunities to establish national, sub-regional and regional test centres including provision of information to address geographical and technical needs in terms of (i) location (ii) financial (iii) human resources?

3.3 Are there ICT laboratories in your country in a position to host potential ITU initiatives such as for capacity building and practical testing sessions?

If yes, please specify where

 4. Please provide any other information that you consider of interest with regards to conformance and interoperability, such as technologies/equipment and end users need that should be tested for conformity assessment and interoperability



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