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 Sunday, 04 September 2011

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Dear Q10-3/2 collaborators,

As listed in the Document 2/111-E (BDT), I would like to take up these questions to understand in more detail about each country's current situation. I'm appreciated it if you could provide answers to these questions.

E-discussion site for Q10-3/2, including new topics and their facilitators for this study period, was set up just before previous rapporteur group meeting in March 2011; however, unfortunately discussion has not been active until now. Considering current inactive situation, as a catalyst to activate the discussion, the following questions are proposed.


1) Universal Service Fund (USF) and Universal Service Obligation (USO)

   a. Which entity is responsible for USF and/or USO?

   b. Does your country have a USF and/or USO?

   c. If so, how many percent is it charged and how to charge it?

   d. Which services are supported by USF? Are internet service, broadcasting service supported?


2) Broadband in rural and remote area in developing countries

   a. What do you think is the minimum throughput of Broadband in rural and remote area in developing countries? Why? How is the current situation?


3) Power Supply in rural and remote area in developing countries

   a. How much power supply is necessary to operate sustainable ICT, including commercial power supply, wind-generated power generation, solar power generation, hydroelectric power generation or their combination?


4) Public-Private Partnership (PPP)

   a. Do you have PPP cases in your country in ICT area, such as e-agriculture, e-health, e-government, e-commerce?

   b. Which Ministries (public sector), industries (private sector) are involved in those cases?

   c. Are communication charges covered by Ministries?

   d. Are other Ministries cooperative to construct Community ICT Center?


4 September 2011

Mr. Yasuhiko KAWASUMI, Q10-3/2 Rapporteur