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 Tuesday, 10 March 2009

10 March 2009

This weblog is maintained for ITU-D study group 2 Question 10. The members of the study group are welcome to register their e-mail address to the administrator below, and to make comments/contributions to this blog page by any of the following methods.


1 Sending your comments to the Question 10 participants.

Please send your comments by e-mail to the address:

then the copies of your e-mail message will be disseminated to all the participants of Question 10 as well as to the rapporteur. Your comments also will be posted after the review by the rapporteur.

2 Uploading your comments onto this blog page.

 Please send your comments by e-mail to the rapporteur: Kawasumi at

 or you can send them to the administrator of this blog page: Miyoshi at 

 In either case, your comments will be posted after the review by the rapporteur. 

3  Making short comments directly on the blog page by yourself.

Please click "Comments" link that is located at the right end of the bottom line of each article. A comment input form will appear below the article, please type in your comment.  This may be good only for a short comment on the input article.


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