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ITU TELECOM is a part of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) which organizes events for the world's ICT community. Our events provide a unique global networking platform where great minds, companies and new technologies connect. One of our ITU TELECOM events is held in a different region of the world each year, with our WORLD events held every three years. Our last ASIA event took place in 2004 in Busan, Rep. of Korea, while our most recent ITU TELECOM WORLD event was held in December 2006 in Hong Kong, China. After ASIA 2008, Join us in Geneva Switzerland from 5-9 October 2009 for ITU TELECOM WORLD 2009!

ITU TELECOM ASIA 2008: Key Facts

Where:  Bangkok, Thailand, at the IMPACT Challenger Exhibition and Convention Center

When:  2-5 September 2008

What:  ASIA 2008 is a unique event for the ICT community which brings together the top names from across the industry, to explore the raft of opportunities which the Asian ICT sector offers for growth and investment.

An Exhibition: Comprising a vibrant showfloor with the regionís latest innovations in ICT: from broadband or IP-enabled services, to mobile and wireless technologies, next-generation networks, satellites and much more, spanning the full reach of the ICT industry.

A Forum: The ASIA 2008 Forum brings together leaders of industry and key policy makers from across the region to debate, discuss and explore areas essential to the growth of the ICT industry.

And more: The event also features: the Youth Forum, which brings together young people from across the region for a packed programme of discussion and debate; the TDS (Telecommunication Development Symposium); and a host of networking opportunities for meeting and conducting business.

A major networking platform: Through all the opportunities it offers, ITU TELECOM ASIA 2008 provides a vital networking platform, where heads of industry can meet with heads of governments, share views, debate the future of the industry, seal key deals and get business done.

THEME: New Generation, New Values

The Forum, Exhibition and other activities for ITU TELECOM ASIA 2008 reflect this yearís theme: New Generation, New Values. Asia is indeed unique as a vast region with a highly diverse set of markets spanning every stage of economic development. No other region in the world innovates and embraces technology like Asia. Entire generations have defined themselves, their jobs, their social relationships and their future by the innovative ways they use technology. Peopleís needs may not have changed, but their ability to meet those needs certainly has.


At ASIA 2008, we expect a broad cross section of companies, organizations and regions to participate, ranging from operators, manufacturers, internet service providers or software suppliers to academia, banking and finance, plus an extensive presence of government ministers and regulators and more, from across the Asia-Pacific region There will also be a significant South East Asian presence, through a major Thai Pavilion. All attendees play an active part in the event, either as exhibitors, Forum delegates, VIPs, media representatives or trade visitors.

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Who is exhibiting at
  • Exhibitors 200 from 25 countries,
  • Registered Trade Visitors 15 000 from 90 countries
  • VIPs 500 of which 30 Ministers
  • Total Forum participants 750 from 40 countries including speakers and participants in the TDS & Youth Forum (not including VIPs and Press)
  • Accredited media 200 journalists


Exhibitors 224 exhibitors from 25 countries, including 7 National Pavilions.
Registered Trade Visitors

22 607 from 93 countries

 Ministers / Ministerial Representatives 38 from 32 countries
 Chief Executive Officers 177
 Others 341
Total VIPs


Speakers 218 from 38 countries
Delegates 602 from 43 countries
Total Forum participants, including speakers
(not including VIPs and Media)
787 from 43 countries
Accredited Media 380 journalists plus 102 photographers, camera crews and support staff. 106 journalists represented the international media
Total Media 482 from 186 organizations and 18 countries.
Total Participants (Excluding Public Visitors) 24 465

Exhibitor's Profile

At our last ASIA event, we were pleased to feature Exhibiting companies from around the world, representing all key ICT markets, as well as a true cross-section of the industry.

Geographic Regions of Activity

Industry Sector

Company Type

Company Size

Forum Participants Profile

At our last ASIA event we welcomed participants at the Forum from across the industry and holding a variety of different positions within companies. Participants at the Forum also represented government and regulators as well as sectors such as banking or finance or academia. The main reasons for attending included assessing the latest trends, discussing new technologies, discussing national strategies as well as meeting top-level representatives of industry and government.

Main Reasons for attending Industry Sector
Company Type Company Size

Purchasing Role Job Function

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